Work Page 12-23
5 string resonator banjo project

Work Page 12-23
5 string resonator banjo project

This banjo will be assembled with "off my shelf" parts
Neck is mahogany, and was made in the style of Liberty Banjo (Bridgeport CT) in the "Quadrille" styling as far as inlay pattern and headstock shape.
I knew Paul Morrissey as a friend, who was one of the owners of the company and I know this is not the same work as that era in time.
Someone almost finished it and did get to fretting/finish but it was never on a banjo.

Very nice inlay, truss adjusts as it should, so the outcome should be favorable.

I will remove that finish and fretwork, and re-do it all in a Nitro lacquer sunburst.

The rim is 3 ply,  5/8", not sure of  the maker.
Tone ring is 20 hole, not sure of the maker.

Nice rounded bearing edge like a prewar.
Brass one piece flange

5 star head
Maple resonator with a finish that also will be removed and refinished.
heel was cut for 3/4, I made the proper shim to fill gap.
Ready for frets
Cleaned the tone ring, nice head bearing width.
Resonator finish done
Now for some resonator lugs.
Stripped and de-fretted, board leveled
Back apart, rim getting finish.
Back with the 5 star head
New rods installed
Tint on neck / resonator complete.Taking on clear coats
Stamped Ser# to match heel#
Frets done, neck finish done