Work Page 8-20
1950s Silvertone "Lone Ranger"

Budget model guitar sold by Sears &  Roebuck under the "Silvertone" line
Made by Harmony
"Lone Ranger" theme
Minor restoration- Leave patina
Reset neck
Refret with wide wire
Respray fingerboard
Spray over orig finish with Nitro
Setup to play
Neck was steamed out  (Poplar wood) , and  frets pulled, fingerboard spayed with aluminum enamel, marker dots painted back on.
Frets installed, neck refinished in Black, Bod cleaned, scuffed and sprayed with clear to protect original artwork.
Bridge sealed (has reinforcement screws)
Frets leveled and crowned, neck reset with slight elevation to compensate for body depression by sound hole.
Work over nut/saddle, setup on medium gauge strings.
Barry came by and checked it out (after I made him clean the tuners) and its playing well, needs some time to settle back in so I can do final tweaks.
Nice little axe, with a theme us old guys like.
Thanks for looking, sharing