Work Page 2020
1959 C.F. Martin 000-28

Repair per customer's instructions
A 4" section of new kerfing shown in above pic.
Will work my way around, removing what is ruined and beyond patching up.

I know we are trying to stay on a budget here, I am trying to do only what needs to be done, what is prudent.
My goal is a players instrument, that is stable for years to come.

This next section is the re-fret
Snap Pages editor,.......acting up again, so will  go this route.
Sealing loose fingerboard
Slight radius block sanding, 16" block
Board oiled, will pull extension last
Same wide wire as was in it before
Now for the extension
Radius leveled and polished
Ends dressed and sealed
Nut fabricated from Micarta blank
Saddle will be bone
Nut/Saddle profiled, ready for final finish coats.
Saving the orig logo
Removing old finish over logo, gently
Binding all tinted, clear coats completed
Now for a lot of block sanding
Happy with that outcome
Making the spacings
Block sanding to 1200
After buffing, pick guard installed
Ready to setup
Pickguard film will be removed later
I will put the orig white bridge pins back in it, these were my setup pins
New end pin, now for some wax

Thanks for watching and sharing