2000 Soares Tenor Guitar Work Page

Neck broken in shipment
Remove and install replacement neck
Refinish affected areas
Setup to play
Arrival Pic
Broken both sides and at heel
Non conventional neck that has no dove tail,
Chiseling off Fboard
Ready to free the tenon
Ready to prep for new neck
Different model, thinner heel, more inlay
Will re-use spacer
This area has to be new veneer/finishout
Making a new tenon
Adding finish to area
color match, time to trim heel cap
New cap made
Top color complete
Ready to fit neck to body
A bit of lacquer fill to transition the new finish to the old, then block sand
Prepping neck to mount
Pulling plastic inlay, white tape in the cavity.
Removed old logo, will tint to Mission Brown
Tinted and protective clear coat, may inlay if requested.
That is far enough to get it mounted up
Repair area completed to clear, ready for neck mounting then final coats
Cut cavities for 1 piece Abalone inlays
Cutting to size
1 fitted, moving on
Radius leveled
Diamond added to peg head
Ready for frets, will use 2.7mm wide Chromium
A look with truss cover and nut. Ready for final finsh.
Neck installation complete, finalizing tint in the joining areas then back to clear coats.
Coming along with another guitar finish job.
All Cured, top wet sanded and buffed
Elecs back in, sealing the extension to the top
Now to protect what I have done , and finish up the neck work.
Frets Dressed, Radius bridge and nut,electrics working.
Tuned to pitch, frets VG, will let it settle in.
Final Pics
Thanks For watching,