Work Page 4-20
Gibson RB Trapdoor

Replace bent hook set
Replace Torn Skin head
Repair Gotoh tuning Peg
Adjust/Setup on GHS Strings
Early 1920's  11" Gibson, ball bearing tone ring
Tuning peg came apart from an impact.
Will need to get the planetary gears back into place, reset the base plate and peen it,.
Then make a new brass retaining pin.

Rogers head made it 100+ yrs, an honorable job.
Will replace with Bleached Calf, smooth top.
After tucking and trimming, curing, I burnish with a 1920s head cleaner, then wax paper to form a moisture barrier and slick it off. 2days dry time, snugged up, 
Rebuilt the Gotoh and added pin, assembled,tuned to pitch, 5/8 bridge, good action.
Ready for its ride back home
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