Stolen Banjo

Carrier - FEDEX

Vega Style M "Special"


Rare Example

Made by Vega for Anthony B. "Tony" Colucci
Nicknamed the "Silver Slipper"

11.5"" Tubaphone Rim
Maple Neck - extended fingerboard 
"Torch" pattern headstock inlay
Some engraving on standard pattern
Back strapped rear overlay
Carved heel
"Special" is stamped into the dowel
Spin on Pie Section resonator
"Tony Colucey" etched into the back plate

My assumption ,
Since Tony was young when he got the instrument, I assume that he cut in an "americanized" rendition of his name.
Many stage people from all ethnicities did this, so I will go with my gut feeling on that.

Gold plated, engraved
Engraving is a non catalog version-  factory custom
Short Kershner "Unique" tailpiece
Friction tuners, MOP buttons
It has both the wire arm rest, and the wire leg rest
Grover "Non Tip" Bridge
I believe that this is an important piece of Vega banjo history, and would be a great addition to someones collection

Banjo is shown in the following advertisements
Shown  in the above ad, right below my Great-Uncle Victor
Initial pics from seller
Tony went on to other Vega banjos and stayed as a sponsored player at leat into the 1940s
Here are two ads with him on the Vegavox, and Vegaphone
Thanks for looking, sharing,Inquiring
A claim has been filed with FEDEX, awaiting determination