Tyler Jackson's
1950s Gibson TG 50

Purchased as project
Previous head stock break, was repaired-stable-needs cosmetics.
Make into Cutaway-Right hand
Spot finish with nitro, to match
Prepping old repair for finish
Tint coat/Clear coats being applied
Will add clear while I do the cut.
Template from TJ, from another Gibson
Neck cosmetic's underway, taking on clear now
No second chance!
Now to saw the binding in 4 places and make the cut
Well past the point of no return :)
Almost perfect cut, right to neck block
Inflatable Drum sander great for the profile sanding
Coming in to the heel
At the stopping point
Prep board for 16" radius
Moving along, watching progress
Installed wide fret wire, .113"
Extension fretted-no compression
Board ready to oil, frets ready to dress
Ready to bend the Maple
Binding first, then backing
Getting ready to bend the insert
Backing wood bent to profile
Glued into place
Now for the main section
Dry fitting the section
Color on, binding tinted, now for the front lip
Final clear coats on the section
I am adding 2 steel rods (Banjo tension hooks) as "rebar" to span the break on both sides.
This makes for some "insurance", compared to just a glue and clamp.
This type of break, due to the truss pocket can be tricky since it is an adjustable truss that adjusts at the top.
Every effort must be made to keep it adjustable
cutting channels for 2 reinforcement rods
They go 1/2" up into each side of the neck, spanning the break
Set to depth, CA will be used to encapsulate rods
Filled to the top, curing
Re-bar set, ready to profile,dye,add finish
The whole neck will be taking on clear now, waiting on new truss cover.
New Truss cover from Ritchie Dotson
Working some tinted finish into the edges, block sanding
Strung to pitch, pick guard ready to cut
I made a pick guard for it, with a cut, so that it would have something until TJ gets the pickup.
Black/White/Black, with a slight tint to yellow the white  for patina.

This can be a pattern when they cut for the pickup

Now for some settling in time, final tweaks, then off to TJ it will go for testing.
There, it will get a new slim line floating pickup, and the pickguard cut to fit the new profile.
 Thanks for watching and sharing.