The reason I repair instruments like I do is because I was self taught and my instructor was an idiot

  Updated 9-24-2022



  "IN QUEUE"  
Robs Super 6 plectrum
Scotts Silver Bell tenor
Vega Cylinderback Mando
Bacon Mandolin
Moon's Baldwin-Ode Style D Tenor
David's Silver Bell Plectrum

Ken's Little Wonder Tenor
Dave's SSS Wondertone  (Majestic) Tenor

Dave's Weymann 85 Tenor

Dave's Epiphone Alhambra Tenor

  Paramount Artcraft

HH Iucci Resonator

HH Stromberg Deluxe Resonator

Jeremy's Vega Guitar Banjo

My Stromberg Deluxe 1000
HH Ludwig Wendall Hall #2
HH Ludwig Wendall Hall #1

Gary's Silver Bell  No.1 Tenor 
Morris' Resonator TG
My Vegaphone Professional Project

My  Zither Banjo Project

Preston's Vega  5 string project 
Curry's Guitar Project

My Weymann 90 conversion

Peter S. Epiphone Tenor

Jeremy's  Vega 6 string neck
Dave's Vegaphone Professional Tenor
My Valco Reso-phonic Tenor
BD#4 Montana Plectrum

Gariepy-Paramount project plectrum
Jeremy's  Projects

Banjo Bob's  Silver Bell  Tenor

Peter S Paramount Tenor Neck

HH Prewar Vox 3 Plectrum

HH Vegavox Tenor 

My Regal Le Domino Guitar
Quinn's Sultana Plectrum 

 Ken's Paramount Tenor  
Lance's 1949 Martin 0-15 
TJ's Vega Cylinderback Mandolin

 Mike's Bolander Banjo Uke

Tim's Vox III Plectrum
John's Regal Tenor Guitar

My Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No.2 5 string
Mary's Silver Bell Sultana  No.1 Tenor 
Chas.A. Stromberg 19 fret tenor

JP Tenor

BG's "Lone Ranger" guitar

Barry Grant's  Stromberg Deluxe 

Lange-Made Banner Blue Tenor
BD Seranader 5 string 

Ludwig "The Ace" Tenor

Digby Orpheum GB project  

My Mancuso Mandocello
BD Roy Smeck Stage Model

Gibson TB-5  Trap Door 
Frank Clark Vega Whyte Laydie 

Dave's Washburn Tenor neck
Solly's RB4 Trapdoor

Langstile Banjo Uke

Tubaphone- Conversion to 5 string

Adrian's Vegaphone Tenor

Wesley's Custom 5 string

TJ's Gibson TG-50
  Epiphone Deluxe Plectrum

Martin 000-28

T .Rhode's Orpheum Brass Band Tenor

My Cigar box tenor Guitar
Kurt Abell's Custom Ome Fishing Rod 
Missy's Tacoma Guitar

Buds Montana Plectrum  

John Gill's Paramount F tenor neck 

Ardunio Stromberg Deluxe

 Tammy's Dewick Banjolin 

BG's Gibson ETG-150 

Eddy Davis' 12" Trapdoor Gibson 

Gibson U-Harp 

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