About Me

My name is Vincent ("Vinnie")Mondello
I have been working on stringed instruments for over 20 years, specializing in Banjo
 My Grandfather,Great Uncle Victor and my Father were  prominent banjo players from E.Boston Mass. 
They played with many bands and orchestras throughout their lives.
They were close friends of Charles and Elmer Stromberg who had a shop at 40 Hanover St. in E.Boston .
 Grandfather Frank worked at Thompson-Odell,  Stromberg  and The Fairbanks-Vega Co. building instruments.
During this time they both tested some of the finest stringed instruments ever made.
My Dad has played his entire life and  passed away 1-27-2011   
  I enjoy doing  the restoration thing  as there is many banjos out there that need attention so that they can get back into the mainstream of banjo players.
 I think that through the spirit of my Grandfather and in honor of my Father  I will earn my spot among them through bringing life to the instruments that have given myself and others so much joy over the years.
 This page will continue to grow and link with all other 4 string tenor enthusiasts and I will do my best to help anyone with any problems that they might have.
Thank you to all of my long time supporters.
The Banjo Must Live On!!