Family Gallery

Memories of the rich musical heritage on my Father's side of the Family.
I have been blessed to find my niche in it.

 Frank Mondello Sr. - Grandfather
Played both left and right handed
Taught Banjo in Boston MA.
James "Buster" Mondello - Dad
Victor Mondello - Great Uncle
Eddie Mondello- 2nd Cousin
Nuncio "Toots"  Mondello - 3rd cousin

Grandpa Frank on Guitar Banjo
My Father is the young boy, my Grandfather is to his left (facing)
My Grandfathers Stromberg Deluxe
Grandpa's Brother, Victor Mondello, Stromberg Deluxe (Far left)
Uncle Victor, Endorsed by Vega
Dad ,Grandpa,Joe White
Uncle Victor, Endorsed by Vega
Dad,U.S. Army, Hank Nanni on piano
Gigging in the 1940s
Grandpa Frank, Mandolin-1940s -Grandpa playing righty
Dad on a radio spot in the 40s, (Far left)
Nincio "Toots" Mondello - Well known sideman and composer-WW2
Zgrandpa Frank and musical brothers
Signed when guitar was built, 1939.
1950s Dad on "western Day"
Dad- Bandleader of a Bond Drive-WW2
Toots Mondello, with Cesar Romero
Dad-Guitar, Bill Mercer-1950s
Dad on Bass, Buzz Messner Trio-1960s
Dad at Shakeys, Banjo, Eddie Axberg, Piano-1970s
Grandpa and vega Master Luthier John Di Pietro-Boston-1960s
Dad on Vega Banjo -1960s
Dad and Howard Self, 1970s
Dad, Elisha, -1960s
Eddie,Dad John (Jidge) Giordano
Only pic of Grandpa(left), Dad on guitar,Me on Baritone Uke-1960s , Boston
Grandpa and Dad. Grandpa playing lefty
Grandpa Frank, Joe Sparaco (left)
Grandpa and Johnny Di-1970s
Dad with the "Musical Impossibles" 1970s
Cousin Eddie ,Boston-1970s
Dad and Joey Sparaco, 1970s, Boston
Dad on Johns Stromberg Guitar-1980s
Dad-Stan-Johnny Cace's Longview -1990s
Dad and Erica-1990s
Me, Dad, Jeremy-my shop-2000s
Dad,Tommy,Art,Larry, Teague Park, 1980s
Dad and I working on a song- 2000s
Dad on Stromberg-2000s
At 94 yrs old, God Bless Him, he gave it his all.
Dad- Johnny Cace's Longview -1990s
With my Stromberg Deluxe-1990s
Dad,Tyler,Patrick, Plectra-my shop-2000s
Dad and I at an AARP gig-2000s
Dad having a Stromberg Banjo Dream -2000s
Me playing a song for him at my brother Gregs home-2000s
Thank you for viewing my Family History
Irving Ashby - Lifetime friend of my  Father