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Ron's 69 Ford Bronco U-14  

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Introduced in 1965 for the 1966 model year, the Ford Bronco was offered with three body options: a three-door utility vehicle, a doorless roadster, and a half-cab pickup. The latter is codenamed U14

The Half Cab pickup version enjoyed substantial popularity during the '60s. With its small truck bed and compact dimensions, the U14 (chassis code) proved to be very helpful as a farm vehicle or light delivery truck. However, in early '70s the Half Cab fell out of favor, and Ford decided to retire this variant.
The last model year was 1971, and Ford produced only 1,503 Broncos with a truck bed behind the cabin. Today, the U14 is not as popular or considered as valuable as the Roadster, but is still a very cool and desirable early Bronco.

Ron's Daughter Tori and her Mom, 1972
My Grandson Silas, 2022
This example is owned by R.E. Sherrill, my friend and owner of Sandy Creek Boat Repair
A pic of it with my grandson Silas.
We have the doors and they will be installed
It has been in Ron's family since new. 
His Dad E.E. Sherrill used it as a mail truck in Waco, and on deer leases and it has spent the last 37 yrs at Sandy Creek Boat Repair working it's little butt off.
But it is tired, very tired, 
 Broncosaurus will be able to start itself for the 1st time in 3 yrs. No more push starts, no more pull backs, after push starts that did not start.
So it is flywheel ring gear, and while I am in here, clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing ,pilot bearing shift linkage bushings, and so forth.
Also I will begin work on its battered body starting with front clip.

Many things will not get done as it might in a full restoration yet it will continue to yank boats of all sizes up to 30 ft, in second gear. With 144 cubic inches .
And look/feel better in the process! 

Ready to pull engine
Engine will be soda blasted and repainted
First will be removal of all old repair compounds
Now for the passenger side
Much to do here, will require reinforcement
Bi-axial weave and epoxy for strength
Upper frame to suspension blasted/primed painted
All frame top to mid, undercoated
Ready to mount flywheel/clutch
Yes, I wil get that overspray off the carb.
Raditaor cleaned, primed, painted, new cap.
I will out a new hood catch on it.
Radiator removed
Engine compartment will be blasted and painted
Ready to hammer/dolly some dents and remove rust
Hours later, we are back into primer phase
Beginning the filler stages in this area, rust gets removed sectionally.
My grandson Micah inspecting my work.
Wheels/Spindles will be another stage
All prepped areas to be painted Meadowlark Yellow.
Flex fan all cleaned and painted
I will beaton it for awhile and see how it goes.
That is the worst area, it will take creativity
Up and out we go.
53 years of hard labor!
Glazing a few small imperfections
First primer to check high/lows
Inner panels blasted and primed
Motor well soda blasted and primed/painted black
Engine soda blasted and painted, 3 coats
All boled in, moving along,
7/21 update
Primer used just as an indicator to see where I am
I think I can get it to where it will be passable.
Time to get into the cab, oh joy....
Wiper motor first
Over 37 yrs since the top was off.
Much to deal with on this side;
It is the hidden things that come to light....
cut cut, snip snip
Will need some floor plates replaced
Now to pull heater/core
A few leaves in the ducting :)
New Solenoid
Tidying up the wire looms
Refurbishing clutch actuator
Epoxy used to repair worn bushing lands.
Removing steering shaft from column
New muffler system/ hanger/old lead pipe
All pedals and Column tube next
Ordering worn parts from steering tube
Primed and painted
Replace brake/clutch pedal bushings
Primed for paint
Organizing hardware
Ready to cannibalize new tube
New thrust spacers installed in arms
New upper bearing/bushing installed
Starting on the hood
Slide hammer needed on the nose
Starting to grind for fiberglass underlayment
Next I will hammer out dents and fill where needed
Almost there,a little more blocking to go.
Fender wells, aprons, cowl ,taking finish
Other floor panel out, continuing on firewall finish
Inside of grille Primed/Painted
Ready to pull the top
Plenty of penetrant oil later..windshield hinge worked.
Bye Bye old dash
Bye Bye old wiring harness
First good bath in 50 yrs
Flattop anyone?
New battery tray
Still play in column, will remove/rebuild
New felt and bushings on equalizer
Lead pipe rebuilt at Meineke Muffler
Pulling everything off the firewall
I will garnet blast, re-paint,re-bush
After blasting
Next is the vent box
New collar and shift tube
After wire wheel, removing residual rust from hardware
Prob with old tube was broken spot weld on pawl
Working on collar installation
I will repair cracks in steering wheel later on.
Underside crack area already repaired
Starting to drill for the pull
Coming along nicely
Glass on, etching primer shot to see ups/downs
The glass will make a hole barrier for filler
Floor pan removed,Shooting the top coat test on side panel
Inside hood primed
Installing firewall blanket
Steering, Shifting, Braking, Clutching
Moving along, epoxy primer, final coat
Headlight bezels will be yellow
Many things to pull
After the prime, came the paint
Black lacquer-cool shadows
Hood-first coat. Picked up some dust
Now to block sand the hood for final coat
A mirror that The Ancient can see out of....
Base coat of yellow/clear
Now for some lighting and red letters.
Etching primer on small parts
2nd coat, sun drying
Dash assembly in progress
Speedo disassembled, needles painted onthe tips, glass cleaned
Grille inset done in gloss black
Time to get on the dash
Ready to soda blast
Fenders-outside- 1st coats
Mounting and aligning the sheet metal
Vinyl lettering installed
A Lincoln inside of a Ford