Work Page 1-2024
1920's Lange Banjo Uke

Repair and refinish 
Missing fingerboard section and some hardware
Buffing the hoop which is steel, not brass.
Mounting head, using 1920s vintage premium calfskin. Wetted for flex.
Orig. Mfg's stamp
Clamped and curing
Ready to install new block and finish leveling
ompressing wires
Ready to tint
Where I need to be, will clear hoop on final tightening.
Curing, with another banjo uke head install.
Neck finish near complete, leveling fingerboard
2 inlay dots got too thin in leveling, will replace them
Neck ready to install
New bone nut, ready for strings
Friction pegs holding tune
Stripping finish
Tinted, taking on clear coats
Missing hardware acquired
Frets removed,
Dark spots are low spots
Ready for frets
Ebony wedges fabricated.
Setup in GCEA soprano, and settled in. Powerful it is.
Time to head home
  Thanks for looking and sharing