Work Page 4-2023
Barry Grants "Polarvox" 

Custom 19 fret Tenor
1950s Vox 1 neck
Ed Fehr Custom Vox Pot assembly and brass hardware

 Tub-a-phone style tonering
Special 1 piece 1/16" thick flange/tension hoop
Ivoroid covering on resonator

 Special design solid brass tailpiece
I have no theme in particular, we will just see how it goes.
This one is for fun, between best friends.!

Removing factory tinted finish, leaving the neck blond.
Removing orig MOP
Now to make some ivoroid blocks for markers
Exploded view of rim/hardware
Ready for test assembly
Old School washers for Hex bolts
Tailpiece wil slide onto fixed pins
Template for heel cut
L bracket placement
Random tape on celluloid to check its properties
Acetone wash for small parts
Ivoroid hee1 cap to match the theme
New ivoroid head stock overlay
I will use AZ turquoise for the "V" insets
Dark binding to match resonator
I will be adding finish to the rim, clear lacquer
I will use this 1/4-20 lags for the co-rods
REMO 1015 M, Cloudy
Ready to cut the resonator heel notch
Setting neck angle ,checking alignments
No turning back!
"Pull tape" time is good
Prepping for brass (Satin) lacquer.
Tailpiece ready to mount
Making an armrest from brass stock
And a new bone nut
Will add a blank name block at 17
Side markers installed
Brass, all brought to satin with fine steel wool
Ser# VM-4-23-BG
Droplet of oil for new threads
Very substantial hoop mounted tailpiece. No chance of metal fatigue as with original Vox.
Strings at tension 2 days, time to fine tune
I found my detail paint color. MERMAID"
Will shoot a "faux binding" to see if it is acceptable
Nice satin look.
Drill/Tap, for downforce screw
Satin finish applied
Getting ready to tighten head
If one is not willing to tolerate ABJECT FAILURE...
Stay out of this business.

The tension hoop for whatever reason, got stressed in its manufacture, and broke under the neck notch.
Yes, It could be repaired at some expense, but it will not happen on my watch, so moving on.
Instead, it will be nickel plated engraved flanges and tailpiece, by Steve Caddick
Relieving metal to accept thumbscrews
GHS Johnny Baier medium gauge, Farquhar bridge
My grandsons love scaring grandma with them.
Ready to Tap/Thread for mounting, all nickel bolts
Resonator wet sanded and ready to buff
Now I am awaiting headstock waterslides to finalize.
Checking everything again
Changed tailpiece, added Vega style armrest
Inside lip done in Turquoise
It's newest new look.
Screwed through the tension hoop
If you know Barry, you know these cockroaches :)
Shop move and other life changes slowed the progress of this project.
I am now showing the pic sequence from here to the final.
Thanks for your patience.
Adding the waterslides
Waverly V2 tuning pegs
All lacquered down
All settled in, ready to ship to my brother from another mother.
Strung to pitch, seems OK
Thanks for watching and sharing
This is the last custom banjo I intend to build.
It has been a hell of a ride but from now on it will be repair work.
So many people have helped me along the way that they are countless.
So many artisans have pitched in, making my work look 10 times better than I could have ever done.
This one is just me, a few wild ideas and some good pieces and parts.
I hope it brings Barry hours of pleasure, as he has brought me all of these banjos and years.
Love ya man,