Work Page 2023
B&D Silver Bell No.1 Plectrum

Repair as per customers instructions
Dowel easily removed
Maker's mark on rim
New flange thumbscrews Ready for head
Sealing with #10 CA as I go
Compression fretting up the neck with "Jaws"
Basic shape of MOP complete,now to do the detail
Plenty of neck angle and downforce now.
Heel is split, dowel is loose
2 missing resonator lugs
Dowel re-glued, heel clamped
New thumbscrews installed
Frets out, ready to level board, first inlay will be replaced
Fine wool to remove the residue
Removing the burr from the fret ends
New clear head,neck finish complete
Time to send it back home.
All 4 thumbscrews missing
One armrest bracket broken loose
Finish complete - assembling rim
Soldering on new lugs
Inlay removed, cleaning slots of debris
Tapping the ends flush with fingerboard
Ready to level/crown/polish/dress
Into the setup phase after fret dressing
Mute is functional
Pre Patent Oettinger
Disassembly complete
Armrest repair complete
Frets pressed in over the heel
Nipping the ends before filing them
Inlay blank cut, ready to rout cavity
Many bridges later.....
Thanks for following,