Work Page 7-23
Orpheum No. 1 Tenor

17 fret
12-1/4" rim dia.
Maple construction

Repair to play

New head installed, steel hooks are wire wheeled and clean, there was no plating.
Orig. Side markers were made from toothpicks
Frets complete, Pie Section back plate repaired
I will reset the dowel next
The only pegthat will work on a thick/slim peg head.
Very little room for geared pegs
Dowel must be removed and reset
Removing frets from pear wood fingerboard.
It was de-laminated front and back, all sealed now.
Frets leveled, crowned polished, ends dressed
Moving on to setup
Unusual, White Holly on bottom trim
After rim re-finish, metal buffing
Binding channels super wide, so will go with .090 binding
Not perfect, but a decent save.
10mm long shaft ABM's, from Smakula
Implementing a Drilled Lange fliptop, unbranded
Metallic silver used on arch ring
Needs to drift downwards about 1.5 degrees.
Planing the tops down
Overlay stripped, dyed and taking on clear
Always drill a pilot hole for the detent pin
Thiis, and a longer bridge will give me better downforce
More to Follow