House Work

For family and friends that keep up with us....
Time for paintwork and all that comes with it.
So I made a running blog to help me keep up.
Karen is doing all of the prep washing, cleaning, making lunches/drinks, and putting up with my crap.
All I can do is try!
Now...Back porch,all soffits,Front Entry,Garage Entry
Much is brick, but plenty of prep work coming
House has not been re-painted since it was built
Gutter removal,  Caulk, Fascia board work (Cut out bad spots/replace)
Prime where needed
Behr Semi Gloss/Cottage white- Behr Gloss-Dawn Gray (Trim)
Gutters are brown, this wil give a tri- tone effect.
Not many bad places in the Hardi Board, a little compromised, thats it.
Will cut it out, make a few "Dutchmen" and be done. Caulk it out and prime/paint.
Some of the drip rail Hardi board at top of fascia had some bad spots as well and when its all fixed I intend to go all around the house with drip rail molding, not done in the build. That should stave off any more damage for years to come.
Gutters were pesky as usual, 1 guy on a ladder in the wind.
I will redo all of the gutter seams as they are in need of it so they can be good to go for the long run.
3 coats on all fascia, 2 coats on all siding/trim, them 2 coats color on top of all trim.
Redo on the house number plate, and (A while back)...the garage lamp
Then it was the west side of the garage wall leading to the  front dining room wall.
One area of soft wood  on fascia to repair, then the normal.
After that, I sealed all of the rust on the gutter insides and re-installed over to the east side of garage wall and now am moving down that next, to meet up with the back yard work.

6-18 Update
Fascia/Gutters complete on East side, now to complete the gray trim-out and start the front entry.
6-26 update
Finished the front side, all gutters hung  on west side (That's all of them yea!!)
Soffit completed, windows sealed
Need some screen repair, Had to break this one to get it out.
I plan to go around all of the gutter work and spray them with brown Rustoleum when  everything else is done and then next year, try to get the few rust spots inside to give them a little longer life span.
Now that I have done all this, I will certainly try to keep the knowledge learned and stay on top of the maintenance.

Front Entry

Pulled the gutters and will first work the entry, then the fascia.
only a few more "rotspots" down this run
I will  trim the door with the Dawn Gray, and the reveal with a light gray.

6-26 update
All gutters installed, a few left to seal (It's raining)
Porch lite restored
That still leaves both the front and back doors /jambs to be painted, and new sweeps installed, and that would be the true final out.

The "Peak"

This will be the final section on the house proper.
There is some woodpecker damage (in appearance) and some rot on the fascia at the roof line, the flashing is up a little so I will take a look at that when I get up here.Then just normal caulk/paint to final out.

6-26 update
Started on the  Peak, getting caulk and primer on it, and starting the gray
It will have Dawn Grey fascia  per KGBM's instructions.
Now for the last repair, not bad.

Back Porch Wall/Screen 

I decided upon 2 openings, and screens,, 30" height wall, so will fit that into this opening.
I knocked out some pole trim to get going and framed up.
Wooden siding, caulked and primed before siding install
2-3-4" trim
Cedar  in the window casings
Paint to match
Will do one at a time,  hot as Hades.
Re-purposing a little plywood and the cut outs from the windows as I go.
I am all done with adding screens, trim, and am down to final cut in/clean up..

Utility Shed

Putting a floor in the utility shed
It was here when we purchased and had issues with one corner which I shot foam in for a "band-aid" until I could get to it.
Incessant  rodents spurred me on to get it sealed back up, they will ruin things in quick fashion as you know so I quit the foam and went to Home Depot.
  I did 2/3 of the flooring, all I can do in a day with no helper, and get everything back in.
Very hot/humid, took its toll, so it was best to live to see another work day.
As will all aluminum sheds, (Fragile, and not meant to be altered) you must detach it from the footing very carefully so that it can be hoisted upwards to remove bad wood,
 I used my car lift and wood pads.
There is not one  stud in the flooring that is square,  looks "homeowner" so I will add in sections that will break at 48"/21"/48"Once its all in, I will pull everything back out, seal any rust/seams and paint the inside all in a day.
In the back, outside, I will redesign that area and cut that excess off  after the floor is all in.
They fabricated the footing /flooring too large so a big  overrun is in the back and was covered in corrugated tin. A good job to hide the defect, but a place that gave moisture a chance, and a rodent entry. 
That's it for now, back to painting/framing the porch wall