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Vega Style M 30 bracket

Initial pics

ok, remember, it was fine when it came to me in shipping, or so it seemed.
I played on it 20 minutes, it was fine.

Don't panic, outcome OK

When I took it out to start the work I saw the action was high and surmised the dowel had released, and it had.
But also, it must have took an inertial hit in shipping, because the heel opened up on one side only.
My "guess" is once here, over time, the pressure of the strings from me tuning it to pitch slowly pulled it open.
I'll cut to the chase, I glued and clamped and it will be invisible, as far as I can tell now. Not even the finish chipped so when I refinish, only we will know.
You know me, ...transparent

I have one of these for it.
2 way pressure, all tight and right
Some oxidation, will buff it all up
Rim refinish, large hardware cleaned nicely.
As did the small, normal hook pitting
Ready to "Get some head"
Striptease, in real time :P