Work Page 11-22
1920s Vega Little Wonder Tenor

Repair to play as per customers requests
17 fret open back -11-13/16" rim
Vegaphone Presto Tailpiece
Schaller tuners
Bart Bridge
Some prior restoration
(Gold plating on some pieces

Initial observation

Needs neck press, binding repair,frets, neck elevation,fresh setup
Initial pics
Heel cut was altered to accept high crown head
Dowel set appears ok
Frets out, binding repaired, now to level.
Heel sealed, dyed black, ready for sealer
Neck sealed, will tint after re-fret
Marked and drilled, 1/2" dots,matching MOP
Installing the additional side dots, 3/32"
Rim disassembled for cleaning/refinish
All in and sealed, next will be leveling/crowning
Parts taking on clear coats with other work
Big Vega resonator dominates the pic
Initial pics
Light board wear, frets look original,worn
Schallers overhang the peg head a bit.
Removing finish, sealing cracks
Board leveled, optional fret markers shown next.
Ready for additional inlay on peghead and fboard.
Inlays leveled, board is oiled, ready for frets.
Fret slots cleaned,Stewmac 147 wire
Over the heel first.
Repairing spots in tortoise binding with amber CA
Dowel repair completed, 1/4 insert glued into place.
String gauges and bridge change
I preferred the Grover inserted, and prefer an 014 on the D, always
Modern binding, can be saved
No plating on brass washers
Dowel needs repair, split and open
Cracks in pearwood, will seal and dye
Peg head star, dot at 3, change to star at 5
Dots at 17 and 19
After leveling, additional dye was added.
Compression fretting up the neck
Rim ready to dye bottom and refinish
Banjo plays well, with superb clarity of note in all ranges.
Plenty of volume
Really exceptional, to my ear.

Thanks for watching,Vinnie