Work Page 11-2020
Lance's 1949 Martin 0-15

Repair as needed to play
Instrument came to me with no top or fingerboard
Fabricate Fingerboard-Rosewood (Allen Guitar)
Fabricate Honduras Mahigany top with rosette (LMI)
Rebuild (not replace) broken side 
Install kerfing where needed
Install new tuners
Install pickguard
Ok, time to get going.
Fingerboard from Allen is here, Top from LMI is here, and mahogany repair veneer, I already had in stock.
The plan is basic, since we are nottrying to "re-invent the wheel" here.
Lance just wants it to be a player with a decent look and I can do that in an economical fashion so as not to break the bank.
So first I tacked up the loose stuff then cut some veneer and bracing, and glued it into place.
The thinness of it works to my advantage, and I will laminate my way outwards until I am flush with the outside.
Once I got it stabilized on the inside I came outside and routed the edges to common angles so that the wood will inlay more easily.
There was one 4" piece of original kerfing I re-used, and the rest will be what I order from LMI.
Where the originbal kerfing was damaged, I added pieces instead of replacing the entire run, no need for that added work. And the one long run by the end block that was missing, and now when it cures I can finish profiling the outside.

I made a template from paper to use to cut laminates to insert into the cavity left over from the inside repair and will do 2 pieces and then contour from the outside by block sanding, and a dark stain for the sidewall. It's the most cost effective way of going about it.
Next, now that the body is more stable I pulled out the steamer and steamed the neck the rest of the way out. As you can see, it was already above the plane of the body so was uplifted about 1/4"
Now I can work on both pieces separately and marry them back together at the end after the top is on the body. 
12-27 Update
Since Snap Pages can't get their act together on  a "bug" in their software...
I'm going to a slideshow from here on out so my PICS WILL STAY IN ORDER.
(Rant over)
I  made a "Go-Bar" deck to beging the process of installing the top braces.
Stew Mac charges 675 for their version, I do not have that to throw around.
So stuff I have lying about must suffice!
Then I ordered go bars from LMI when I ordered bracee wood and bridge plate
I cut my bracing to fit the top, dry fitted it, then will  go bar 1 at a time until I get good at not hittting one with 6 already in place and it flying into the others in a mass exodus of go bars.
These fiberglass rods will whack you, trust me on that.