Work Page 7-23
BD Silver Bell No.2

Repair and refinish /make  playable
This instrument is a possible transitional/floor sweep
It has Silver plating as a No. 2, with a Nickel plated flange / tailpiece/armrest like a N0.1

It has No.2 inlay and flamed maple 
Dowel is orig., but not stamped

Neck had orig. carving, which appears to have been removed on purpose.
There is a vestige of it left and it will remain.
All I can gather is someone did not like the feel of carving when they played up the neck?
Rim has serial number
Resonator has paper label
It has an assortment of tension hooks, with 3 styles of Bacon nuts 
King Armrest
Pat. Pend. Oettinger tailpiece, missing all orig. thumbscrews 

Neck has slight relief from 5 to nut, and has de-laminations
It must be heat pressed, sealed, then compression fretted
Frets are orig and need replacement

Skin head is broken and needs replacement
All tension hooks are rusty and incorrect, need replacement
Plating is marginal, and will only be cleaned and waxed
Wood needs refinish, will use Nitrocellulose lacquer
Tuners are worn out and need replacement
It is an original unstamped BD dowel
Planet tuners are in need of replacement
Waverly E2 hoop
Will clean and buff nickel flange
Sealing the backstrap
Taped to pull frets
One side done
Ready for frets and side dots
Finishing the fingernail divot repairs
Dowel isloose, has a screw holding it
Ready to clean hardware
Was made for either 5 or 6 string, and modified before plating
Stripping the finish
New finish on Resonator and rim
Sawing to correct depth for modern wire
Moving along
All cracks repaired, adding new dye
Compression fretting down the neck
Peghead cracks and inlay sealed, ready for dye / lacquer
I will reset it
Orig Hide glue puddle
"Silver" penciled in by worker
Silver tarnish
Plating cleaned and waxed
Binding is nitrocellulose, ivoroid grain
Planing the top
Finish is moving along, fade at heel, backstrap and resonator edge
Hammering frets over heel, knocked some inlay loose. A common prob, will reseal them all now.
New hooks arrived from Stew Mac
More To Follow