Work Page 10-23
Mike's Epiphone Concert Special

Repair -Refinish as needed, per customers instructions.

Will replace wrong hooksets
Repair sequence
Pretty colors, but not original
Sidewall finish removed
Time to remove finish from celluloid, blood pressure rising.
New tints with clear. A variant of the other theme.
On to the heel colors
Armrest moved, fine wool to shine.
Fresh Ottie from Mike, I had a bolt set for it
Yellowed finish on White Holly
Now for the back, Cam lens cover stuck
OK, frets out colors are off,
I do what works for my eye if I think it is prudent.
Adding clear, fret work next
All in, ready to seal with thin CA, then dressing will be next.
Tim to assemble and check fret work
Strung to pitch, acting well. Will let it settle in and tweak.
Finish crazed over celluloid
Removing finish
White Holly looks good again.
Engraved lines will get black first
Ready for frets
Thinking about changing the cover to this tailpiece.
Went with 2.7mm wire, to offset celluloid shrinkage
Butterscotch tuner buttons installed