I have many styles
Never be afraid to ask if I have something you do not see, I will look! 
1920s Vega Tubaphone Style M 10-15/16
VG original-uncleaned-nickel plated-VG
With matching dowel-ready for conversion
 1920s Bruno Tempo Grande dowel/end bolt/neck hardware
11" arch top -Unique rim design
Nickel plated-Original uncleaned parts -Calfskin head
Good for conversion to 5 string
***The original tenor neck is twisted, and is good for only inlays and template.*** 
With neck- 750.00
W/O neck- 700.00


1920s Lange-Orpheum #1 Banjo Mandolin
10-1/4" Arch top
Orig neck-fingerboard-dowel-hardware in GC  
Great for short scale conversion to 5 string
1925 Gretsch Orchestrella
11" Arch Top

Tenor neck has some forward pull, and a modified dowel
Good for Inlay, or restoration

1970s Vegaphone Professional
From Plectrum banjo
10-15/16" Rim- Double Co-rod

Pre-EPA REMO Head in GC
Shoeband/single point shoes
VG Orig Cond./with Yellow tag