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My Round Tenor Guitar

Made from parts leftover from Estate Sales
It came to me as an assembled unit, home made, with a 20s Stromberg-Voisinet (Chicago) tenor neck on it that was warped beyond repair.
The maker did a fair job of making a player so I took it apart and started again.
This to me was a way to honor Elmer Stromberg, who also made a round tenor guitar in Boston in the 20s. (Not affiliated with Voisinet)
The body was a 3/8" thick Engelmann spruce top
Sides were a maple veneer and the back, a beautiful birdseye maple,1/4" thick piece turned down to a concave resonator back.
It was played acoustically.
I intended to make it an electric because the top drove no tone acoustically, and this is the result.
After hole cut and back crack repair
neck tacked on to top for alignment / angle
Neck lagged to sidewall, tortoise binding
Mahogany veneer going on.
Sound hole bound
Checking the back fit, neck fully attached
Electrics and neck block completed
Sunburst complete, refretted
Setup complete, Caddick bridge on for testing
Plays well up and down with no hum
Poles for pickup are threaded collars through the top with adjustable screws
Thanks for looking and sharing.