1920's Slingerland "Liberty" Guitar by Cathedranola
Sioux City Iowa

RARE instrument
Unseen in this configuration (by me) except in mandolin scale
Usually seen as a Tenor Guitar in the same configuration as the guitar in the ad.

See this link for an example
It looks like the 6 string in the ad below.
These are not true "resonator guitars"
They are wooden top instruments with a faux resonator cover.
Other makes also did this as an option.
Here it is called a "Tone Amplifier"  
So this is really, at 23' scale and 22 frets, a Plectrum/Tenor Guitar
22 fret extended fingerboard
23" scale

Tuned CGDA
Can be tuned in plectrum, GDAE, DGBE, etc.

Made for the Slingerland Drum Co. who also made some very fine banjos and, who also marketed  mail order instruments under the name "Liberty"
It has a nice warm tone as a 4 string guitar would with a metallic resonance from thecover plate.
The original finish is thin, as will be the replacement Lacquer. 4 coats
Frets are original thin wire, freshly dressed
Peghead, neck and body stripped, and 3 fresh coats of nitro lacquer applied.

Side markers added.
Grover 2:1 geared tuners and ivoroid buttons.
Grover  bridge.

Strings touch cover plate for resonance and it sounds like a resonator guitar.

The original finish is thin, as will be the replacement Lacquer. 4 coats
Frets are good, I will dress them.
Peg head  overlay has a few hairline cracks, will seal and dye before finish.
I will  seek out a clean set of Grover 2:1 gears like came on it but would be extremely lucky to find the delicate little tuner button that came on these.
Compressed scale, to get 23" and 22 frets
Need one small button like the other 3
Adding clear after stripping
fixing the peg head chip
New vintage Grovers installed
Proprietary tailpiece
A well made instrument, all corners tight
Body finish complete
Coverplate cleaned
Neck finish complete
Strung to pitch, CGDA
Saved the logo, will blacken around it
Cool post WW2 signature and military #s
Oiling fingerboard
Farquhar bridge,Strings tuch coverplate for resonance
 Thanks for looking and sharing.