Work Page 12-22
Prototype 13" x 3" piccolo snare drum

20 yr old REMO Master Edge Piccolo Snare
13" x 3"

Convert Remo "Master Edge" 13" x 3" piccolo snare  to spunover "Banjo Style" Tone ring/Bearing edge
A project I have wanted to do with my son -in-law Kenny Sharretts for a long time.
Coupling by banjo skills and his drum skills.
I got the drum local off FB ,and the tone ring/head bearing from outside sources

View of the inside shape
Bearing edges are gone, I will make new ones
Tone ring will bear on 1/16" rolled brass ring,which will bear on rim surface
Repairing 1 small inside veneer crack
1/16" rolled brass hoop, will create good contact
Fits as it should, and wil do it's job
After re-scuffing and a little more radius work
Going back with the hardware
Back on with the top head, all is fitting well
Now for the bottom head/strainer
Just using what heads came on this "Mule", for now
Here is how it will look when installed
All hardware off, now to look at the rim shell
Bottom head bearing has been repaired
It will be cut to 7.50" radius
Will buff the outside shell to high gloss
Rolling it in, it will spriing out and stay tight
bottom bearing edge cut to 7.5" radius
Bearing edge dyed black before clear coat
Time to go with Kenny to the studio
now to tweak it, it showed great promise
Spun brass banjo style tone ring
13" with rim skirt and inside flare -out
Removing hardware to work on rim
Will refinish inside with walnut tint
someone used hot glue for sticking something to it
I'll get that off
Removing inside finish,will use Nitro, walnut tint
inside head bearing ring cut to size
So it will fit snugly in upper ring
Stopped to fix top edge and make it all flat
Inside tinting finished, clear nitro over the tint
My son-in-law, Kenny Sharretts
He knows a thing or two about pro drum setup