Work Page 12-23
1950s Vegavox 3 Plectrum

Replace inlay, refinish neck, rim, seal resonator celluloid.
Heavy play wear, well used instrument
Board leveled
Checking the original pattern each time.
Sealed with clear
Ready for side markers.
Beginning the fretwork.
Adding color coats
Gold paint stripped from hardware and wood, new finish,, rim assembly begins.
Edge smoothed, ready to buff.
Frets removed
Inlay blocks with proper engraving, from Renee Karnes
Orig finish seen under washers
All in, a hard job when engraving is already done before setting.
Curb feelers :)
Rim stripped, showing brass band and tortoise shell binding.
Starting clear over the tinted coats
I have never noticed this number on any other Vox rim I can remember.
New head is bottom frosted REMO. Medium crown. Tailpiece is bad so am using one of mine for setup.
Tuned to pitch, no fret outs, will finish tweaking it.
Going around the back, sealing the celluloid/wood down.
After buffing the resonator and setup
Inside has gold paint added
This model has external brass shoe band.
Rim disassembly
Installing new inlay after filling 21. it will nearly invisible when I'm done.
Installing bindings, old finish removed
First tint over clear, to start the Vegavox style sunburst
Ready for a new head
I will work on the resonator while it settles in.
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