Workpage 2019
Custom Mastertone Style Banjo

Small shop build
Gibson Bella Voce Styling 
Rim assembly with resonator made from quality parts
Laser engraved hardware
Neck is hand-made- severe twist at peg head
Severe bow at 12-15 fret, not  cured by truss adjusting

Build new neck (contracted)
Finish new neck to match rim assembly
Mohawk classic instrument lacquer
Install new neck  and setup

New neck arrives, nice job.
Heel correct
Flange cut right on
Nice fiddle head
Excellent inlay work/fretwork
Correct radius at run-off
Time to lag it/fit it.
Ready for test setup, "in the white"
Things going as they should
Setup, settling it, making all the adjustments b4 lacquer work.
Time to check resonator fit
Neck notch perfect, onward!
Tint coat complete
Ready to tint binding
Binding tinted to match old finish, adding clear
Flange was misaligned, will clean while apart
Ready to go
Block sanding time-flamed maple
Blocking shows Highs/Lows
You block, until you are flat, getting closer
Buffed, found gold screws for truss cover
Board oiling time
Tuned to pitch, settling in
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